Media Policy for “The Verdant” 55+ Community

“The Verdant” 55+ Community values the privacy, safety, and dignity of its residents. As such, this Media Policy governs the capturing, sharing, and distribution of pictures and videos within the community premises for all special events or activities.

  1. Photography and Videography Guidelines:
    a. Residents and guests are encouraged to capture personal memories during special events or activities.
    b. Prior consent must be obtained from any individuals who are the focus of the media content.
    c. Respect the privacy of other residents and avoid capturing or sharing images of individuals without their explicit consent.
    d. Photography or videography that may compromise the safety or dignity of residents is strictly prohibited.
  2. Sharing and Distribution:
    a. Media content captured within “The Verdant” premises may be shared within the community for personal use only.
    b. Residents must obtain consent before sharing media content that includes other individuals outside the community.
    c. Distribution of media content for commercial purposes or public dissemination requires explicit approval from the community management.
  3. Social Media Usage:
    a. Residents are encouraged to share media content on personal social media accounts, respecting the privacy and dignity of others.
    b. Tagging or identifying other residents in media content should be done with their consent.
    c. Residents are responsible for the content they share on social media platforms and should adhere to the community’s values and standards.
  4. Enforcement and Compliance:
    a. Violations of this Media Policy may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to warnings, fines, or suspension of privileges.
    b. Community management reserves the right to remove or request removal of any media content that violates this policy.
  5. Amendments:
    a. “The Verdant” 55+ Community reserves the right to amend this Media Policy as needed. Residents will be informed of any changes in a timely manner.

By participating in special events or activities within “The Verdant” 55+ Community premises, residents and guests agree to abide by this Media Policy. This policy aims to foster a respectful and inclusive environment where residents can enjoy their privacy and maintain their dignity while capturing and sharing memorable moments within the community.